Randy and Ellen Mumper

Pastor Randy Mumper - I grew up in Pennsylvania in the United Methodist church and our lives were centered around our church and its activities but it wasn't until I was a young teenager that I was saved. There was a once a year week of evangelistic meetings and I knew I needed the Lord. I was not in a good solid Bible teaching church so I didn't grow much in the Lord but I knew I was saved. In the height of the VietNam war when the draft was reinstituted I enlisted in the US Navy. While there, another man witnessed to me and introduced me to the Navigators. Also I began to study the I began to study books by Oliver B. Green and others. I learned to study and memorize Scripture and really grow in the Lord. One year of my duty was in Iceland. There was no good church on the base so another man began Bible studies. In the year I was there we saw many men come to the Lord and many baptized. I began to seek the Lord's will about serving Him on a mission field somewhere. After I got out of the service I went to Bob Jones University and one of my professors talked often of the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse on the island of Antigua. The Lord opened the door for me to go there, first as an engineer replacement for missionaries on furlough and later to return full time in ministry there. Also the Lord opened up other ministry- one part of Antigua had a few good Bible preaching churches and the other side had none. I met my wife Ellen there also, and after our marriage God led us into church planting. We started a mission work in one village and then combined that ministry with another mission work started by another church, that had no pastor. We also helped start a Bible institute. After 15 years there, we were able to put a national pastor in our church and seek another ministry. God led us to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Canada is a vast mission field, with very few Bible preaching churches. Kingston is a city on Lake Ontario. The population is transitory- with the only military college in Canada, a military base, two major secular colleges and 6 prisons in and around Kingston. It's a hard area but we are thankful to be here. In the almost 19 years we've been here, though our church remains small, we have had the opportunity to minister to many, many people.

Ellen Mumper - Unlike Randy, I did not grow up in a Christian home. When I was in my late teens Christian friends witnessed to me and opened their hearts and home to me. When I was 19, my mother suffered a major heart attack and I found myself in an empty church praying. That day I knew that I was a sinner and that Jesus Christ died for my sins. On my face, I asked the Lord to save me and take the rest of my life. He did just that. I got very involved in every ministry in my home church that I could- bus ministry, deaf ministry, visitation, choir, etc. At the urging of my pastor at the time I went for 2 years of Bible college training as I'd already gotten a degree from a university in NY. Then I came back to work in my church and seek God's will. I knew He had a calling on my life. At a missions conference I was not sure how God could use a single woman but I surrendered my life for missions anyway! Other friends of mine had met missionaries in Antigua in the West Indies and they invited me to come for a summer missions trip to work with the deaf there. Summer missions extended to 15 years! In that time I met Randy Mumper (5 days after I arrived! We were next door neighbours!) and we married in 1981. We raised our children there and planted a church and gave it over to a national pastor. I taught deaf children most of our years there, and then home schooled our own children. When the Lord led us to Kingston, it was a bigger culture shock than going to Antigua! People were not receptive to the Gospel. It's a hard city but someone has to be here. I am so grateful the Lord chose my husband to minister in a hard field. I think of the lives we have been able to impact with the Gospel and it is so worth it. These days my main ministry is to work on a one-by-one basis with ladies needing fellowship and discipleship, and to lead the children's ministries here. Each precious child is a possible generation saved. I am very thankful for the Lord's using us on the mission field of Kingston.